Chinese New Year Fantom Projects Meetup:
Short Recap

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

On February 1st, 2022, we have provided the stage to the first online meetup of Fantom protocols on our Discord.

Over 20 protocols and influencers gathered on the Discord server of to discuss what the Fantom Ecosystem has achieved over the past 12 months, what developments were made in the areas of DeFi and NFT and what new might be happening in the ecosystem in the nearby future.

The Chinese New Year also known as a Lunar Festival has not been chosen as a random holiday to organize such event. This holiday is globally seen as the beginning of a new economic cycle.

For the main part of the meetup we have gathered nineteen, including ourselves, of the projects related to Fantom network. Some are operating just on Fantom, the other are multi-chain, some are bigger by TVL, the other are smaller and of course, some are older, some are younger and some might have still been considered in beta stage. But all these project were equally represented on the Meetup because they all are driven by our passion for collaboration and the development of the whole ecosystem.

Eventually, the protocols which were present (brought here not in any particular order):, Dark Matter DeFi, DiversiFi Crypto, FantomSquad, Raiders, DIA, Fantohm DAO, Hector DAO (currently undergoing rebranding to Hector Finance), SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, OneArt, Scarab.Finance, Beethoven-X,, Dark Knight, DefySwap, YeildParrot, Tulip DAO as well as the influencer FTM_Ecologist.

FTMAlerts and LiquidDriver were also expected but at the last moment notified us that they can not be present due to force majeure.

By the end of the session, before our host has announced the open microphone part of the Meetup, three more projects were introduced to present themselves. Two protocols and one influencer, namely Devil Finance, Fantom Blobs NFT and Tweak896, respectively. Despite being late to be admitted for the main part of the session, they were able to do the proper detailed introductions and join the discussion with rest of the participants and the audience in the open microphone part.

By some accounts it was the first online meetup of protocols on Fantom Opera blockchain of such scale.

You can watch the recording of the meetup by checking out the youtube channel at:

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