CoinGecko has increased it’s integration with but what does it reflect?

5 min readMar 5, 2022

We launched not so long ago, in late October 2021, during the Fantom Dev Conference. Since then we have achieved lots of important milestone and those were not reflected on the data that a user could see at

But what exactly were those milestones and what has been added to CoinGecko with regards to so far?

One of the most noticeable additions to the new page at CoinGecko would be the added tracking of $YOSHI at Binance Smart Chain. This is because in December 2021 $YOSHI has finally traversed the crypto space and appeared on Binance Smart Chain in addition to Fantom Opera network.

But even before $YOSHI appeared on Binance Smart Chain, was already being a DEX on BSC. And of course during all this time we were listing tokens and adding liquidity of not only Fantom native but also BSC native and cross-chain protocols.

And this is another crucial point of the new update for us at CoinGecko. From now on is tracked not just as a token but as a cross-chain DEX there. So now our DEX metrics can be also followed at CoinGecko. Yay!

But whom did we list and how did this positively affect our standing with CoinGecko?

The compete answer would be too long but let’s recall the highlights:

Since appeared at CoingGecko just as a token on Fantom Opera network, the first strategic partnership was concluded with (former Hector DAO).

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Back then they were and probably still are the issuers of a very actively discussed and traded token $HEC. The team at Hector’s is also very active. Our integration started with an AMA session and featured on both multi-project events which were organized at Discord server.

The next partner of soon appeared, and it was no one other but the now well known Liquid Driver. And of what a bunch they are!

They are the first well known protocol which has integrated our widget to enable its users to do swaps right on their website thus not having to leave it.

Their token $LQDR appreciated more than 18x over the course of late December — early January. And there were good reasons for that, but we shall leave that out of the scope of today’s discussion, because now we’d like to tell you about a couple of other interesting integrations which happened during this period.

So closer to the end of the year we have managed to get acquainted and partner up with several different protocols. DiversiFi Crypto was one of them and they work in a junction with FantomSquad NFT project. They are an interesting bunch indeed as DiversiFi offers a chosen reward for locking $DFi tokens. The reward may come even in $YOSHI if the HODL-er has chosen it as a reward.

Also partnering up with another Fantom based giant Beethoven X was a big thing for us too. A powerful DeFi protocol is always a good friend of a true DEX Aggregator which is of course is.

And as soon as 2022 started a series of new integrations was unrolled. We kicked off 2022 with announcing the partnership with Dark Matter DeFi. A gamified DeFi protocol with its own sleek design and NFT mints. Dark Matter has launched 2 new yield farming pairs for $YOSHI, one is of course the “all time classics” $YOSHI / $FTM pair, but another one was something new. It was a pair with stablecoin, specifically $YOSHI / $USDC pair, as we figured that some people might want to allocate their assets in this fashion.

And one of the latest additions to our list of Fantom only partners is of course Scarab Finance — a Defi Protocol which developed an algorithmic stablecoin $SCARAB pegged to the price of $FTM. As its name conveys it has an Ancient Egyptian theme and also it offers its users a prediction game where users bet on a change in $FTM price. Our team was invited and was happy to try it out and play soon after the release.

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But of course, we are not just sourcing the new partnerships by our own means. Often, we listen to the requests of our community and sometimes new partners come to us to ask for integrations first. Interestingly enough these both methods combined when it come to partnering up with FantOHM DAO. The algorithmic reserve currency builder on Fantom. They approached us at the same time as our community were asking us to integrate with them so we were happy to greet them. And indeed they were and still are a very hot topic in the Fantom ecosystem.

The protocols named above are all single chain and stay on Fantom but later on we partnered up with several cross chain protocols which are present on both Fantom and BSC.

One such partner is Knight Ecosystem. It is a DEX with some extra DeFi services like staking and Yield Farming. It’s curious that it’s brand name varies on two networks. It is known as KnightSwap on BSC and as a Dark Knight on Fantom.

Our next partnership with a cross chain protocol happened with Yield Parrot — a cross chain yield farming aggregator.

And another cross chain protocol with which we partnered up quite recently, at the time of writing, is the HyperJump a heavily gamified cross chain DEX with a sci-fi approach to design of its UI and naming of its features.

Of course we were not able to list each and every protocol with which we partnered over the course of last three and a half months. And of course, as Yoshi.exhcange is penetrating the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem while holding steadily in its native Fantom space, soon there will be even more awesome and important integrations and partnership announcements.

Stay tuned.

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