FTM Alerts Live Stream with Yoshi Exchange

Yoshi.exchange is a DEX Aggregator and Payment System, which allows it’s users to swap tokens at the best prices, with minimum spread and slippage, as the Aggregator sources the best deals from multiple DEX-es.

Last Friday, November the 12th, Yoshi.exchange was delighted to be the guest on AMA session, hosted by FTM Community Alerts (@FTMAlerts) and Daniel introduced us to a couple of novelties that Yoshi.exchange plans to launch before the end of 2021. Some of the declared features are real novelties for the Fantom ecosystem.


Daniel provided some insight about the upcoming release of a software cryptocurrency wallet. Not only it is portrayed as the first wallet for your crypto on Fantom ecosystem, but it is actually going to be much more convenient, without the lags, glitches and other inconsistencies, which we have to deal with when using other wallets.

Daniel also disclosed some plans regarding the KYC process and how the KYC data is going to be applied with the wallet in order to enable our users to receive the most anticipated service from us, and that of course is the on-the-ramp fiat card payments integration to allow users buy crypto with a card ,without having to resort to the CEXes to buy their crypto with fiat. And Yoshi is not limiting it’s users to buying YOSHI tokens or FTM by card.

If one want’s to buy Bitcoin by card or buy ETH by card they will have every right to do it! And of course this on-the-ramp action will be happening under the full functionality of Yoshi’s DEX Aggregator, meaning that you will buy your crypto by card at the best price sourced from multiple DEX-es depending on your network, be it Ethereum, BSC or Fantom. At Yoshi.exchange we give power to the people!

During the AMA session Daniel has also explained lots of other interesting things and shared insights about the widget integration, and how it can help vendors with allowing their customers to do swaps right on vendor’s website, as well as about the partnerships with other Fantom projects.

Hence we really encourage you to watch the full AMA by following the link below as it is only 30 minutes long and packed with information which is crucial not only for the development of Yoshi.exchange but to the Fantom ecosystem as a whole!

Full video watch here! FTM Alerts Live Stream with Yoshi Exchange!

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