How to buy 1ART token on Fantom Opera (FTM)
  • Install Metamask application on your smartphone:
    iOS, AppStore — Click to download
    Android, Google Play — Click to download
    • Install Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser extension for your Desktop browser
  1. Select network: Custom RPC
  2. In the newly opened window enter the following data:
  1. A purchase of token on a DEX is performed through an operation called swap. You must have tokens to perform a swap
  2. Go to
  3. Push connect
  4. Approve connection in your wallet (enter wallet password if prompted)
  5. Approve the switch to the relevant network in the wallet if prompted
  6. Check if the chosen network is the ne on which you want to perform the swap, otherwise choose the correct network and approve the network change in the wallet
  7. Choose the input token (the one with which you will pay)
  8. Choose $1ART as the output token
  9. Click SWAP
  • Buy some on CEX (Centralized exchange). The most popular are and (note that national restrictions may apply for citizens of certain countries, always check with ToS of each CEX)
  • To get minor amounts for a new wallet you can use a so-called faucet. At the time of writing multiple $FTM faucets are available on the web, but make sure you are using a legit one
  • Ask your friends. It’s very likely that you know someone who can lend you a required amount of $FTM or $BNB



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