Welcome to Yoshi.Exchange United DEX and Payment System!

Main concept

Yoshi.exchange is a DEX aggregator launching at Fantom Opera blockchain. We created the first closed-cycle united Fantom payment system. The main goal is to facilitate entry threshold to Fantom ecosystem for newcomers and to simplify user experience for the current consumers.

❗️Yoshi.exchange has launched in BETA ❗️

Yoshi.exchange is a DEX aggregator

Yoshi.exchange aggregates popular DEX platforms including AnySwap, SpookySwap, SushiSwap, PankakeSwap with even more DEXs coming soon. Yoshi.exchange offers the most favourable price for tokens exchange so a swap occurs instantly providing the best rate chosen between the connected DEXs.

Yoshi.exchange payment form widget

A widget can be embedded at 3rd party websites in an easy way. Connect the widget to your website and inform the community that now they can buy your token directly on your website.


The project is initially based on the Fantom Opera blockchain. The Fantom Opera blockchain combines scalability, security, and decentralization providing fast transaction speed, low gas fees, and scaling and enhancing the ecosystem, which serves as undeniable advantages for the users.


Yoshi.exchange smart contracts has been successfully audited by Hacken.io Cybersecurity Services, Leading Security Consulting Company that have huge experience in Blockchain Security. Here is you can read official report Hacken.io audit report link

Join to Yoshi.Exchange community:

Twitter 🔍 https://twitter.com/YoshiExchange

Discord 🔍 https://discord.gg/rZ9qRT6fmA

Website 🔍 https://yoshi.exchange



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Yoshi.Exchange — payment system for buying crypto by banking card. Part of Fantom ecosystem.