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A sure way to keep your prospects in DeFi

4 min readApr 13, 2022

Imagine you have built a solid DeFi service, well-developed, audited and, most importantly, delivering a demanded service.

It might feel enough to maintain it, market it and all the interested visitors of your website will be using your service. Right? Wrong!

But why? And what happens when a prospect visits your website to supply the tokens into the pools of your service?

Widget by Yoshi.exchange

With DeFi it’s a bit more complicated. When “the sell” is made and the prospect is already going to sign the “contract” with the wallet, more likely then not, there won’t be enough quantity of the tokens required on the prospect’s wallet. Better yet, in many cases there is no single gwei of one or more tokens in question on the wallet.

So what happens in such cases?

Well, there may be two scenarios. Either the prospect gives up the whole idea entirely or, hopefully, the prospect would seek a platform to do a swap. A DEX. You may even advertise a certain DEX on your website to simplify the choice for the prospect but even if the prospect goes this path, there is no guarantee the prospect will ever return.

Imagine that the prospect goes to a website of a DEX. There may be other services, similar to the one which your prospect has chosen on your platform, rendering the one which you offer less convenient, because the DEX “has it all”. Even if not, it is all about the attention span and time is not on your side here.

Eventually the prospect may simply forget, what was the name of the platform which you created. Not likely, but also a possibility.

Sounds scary, right? But that happens every single day while you do not offer your prospects to do the swaps right on your website. In other words, imagine how many more prospects would have used your DeFi services if no for the lack of swaps on your website.

Luckily for you, Yoshi.exchange has already developed a solution, so you don’t have to.

It is the widget which introduces Yoshi.exchange DEX (+DEX Aggregator) UI to any website which integrates it.

And it is highly customizable for your too:

  1. The UI can be customized to match the color scheme on your website
  2. The logo of Yoshi.exchange can be switched of (although we’d appreciate if you leave it 😉 )
  3. You can set the default pair
  4. You can even set the default blockchain (Currently Yoshi.exchange supports Fantom, BSC and Ethereum networks)

You don’t even have to refer to us to customize and copy the html code to integrate it.

It can all be done in a few clicks.

Just visit: https://yoshi.exchange/widget.html

In case you run into a trouble on integrating the widget on your own, reach out to us on our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/ABbK6yA9P5 at #widget-support dedicated channel and we will provide the assistance.

When the widget will be there, your users will be able to execute the swaps right on your website, and since Yoshi.exchange is not only a DEX with its own LPs but also the DEX aggregator, for each swap the best rate available across all the connected DEXes will always be sourced for every pair your prospects will choose and the widget will even show them, how much they economize compared the average rate.

Just stop losing clients by pure chance.

Don’t wait while somebody else serves them DeFi services when you could do it better.

And if you are curious, how Yoshi.exchange widget integration may look like — check one of our star partners Liquid Driver, who has been among the early adopters, right by this link: https://www.liquiddriver.finance/buy

Integrate the widget now — you will thank us later.

P.S.: Having your own token, on either Fantom, BSC and Ethereum networks but it’s not listed on Yoshi.exchange? Just integrate the widget and add the token by its address on the network. The aggregator will then search for this token across all the DEXes for the LPs with this token. And of course, you can apply to us for a listing of your token at Yoshi.exchange and we will review your application at the expedited rate.

Yoshi.exchange with its DEX, DEX Aggregator, widget and bridges aims to build a closed-cycle payment system in DeFi — join us!

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