Yoshi.Exchange Weekly Crypto News Digest — 03/10–09/10

3 min readOct 12, 2022


Mastercard Announces Crypto Secure
Mastercard has introduced Crypto Secure, a crypto-native program that detects and prevents fraud on platforms within its network. Crypto Secure will work by visually assessing hazards using artificial intelligence and real-time data from blockchains. Mastercard will use its recent acquisition of CipherTrace, an on-chain blockchain security business, to improve the software’s effectiveness. Furthermore, Mastercard will provide a user dashboard to visualize the risks, allowing consumers to select the actions to be done in the event of fraudulent conduct.

Binance Smart Chain Hit by $570 Million Hack
Binance’s blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), was subjected to a $566 million attack in which its native bridge was used to steal 2 million BNB tokens. Unlike other blockchains that rely on a broad range of validators, BSC is more centralized and hence has the ability to bring the entire chain to a halt.

NEAR Blockchain Partners With Google Cloud
NEAR Protocol has teamed with Google Cloud to expedite the development of blockchain-based web3 startups. Google Cloud will provide technical support to projects that have received financing from the NEAR Foundation. Furthermore, Google’s subsidiary will provide infrastructure support for NEAR’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) client.

Japan To Invest and Adopt Metaverse Japan’s effort to invest in and utilize metaverse and NFTs continues. Fumio Kashida, Japan’s prime minister, has made web3 development one of the pillars of his revitalization of the Japanese economy. Indeed, the prime minister mentioned using NFTs to defend Japan’s intellectual property in the gaming, animation, and technology industries. Unstoppable Domains Integrates Fantom Unstoppable Domains has incorporated Fantom, allowing customers to acquire a domain name that may be used as a universal Web3 address. Fantom users have previously used 42-character wallet addresses, however this might complicate otherwise simple actions such as payments. These large addresses also make tying your identity to your wallet for account verification or claiming reputation-based benefits on Web3 services harder.

Weekly crypto prices recaps:

BTC Price Recap
Bitcoin rose within a narrow range at the start of the week. While the 19,650 mark served as a temporary barrier, bids pushed prices higher. Bulls attempted topside resistance above the 20,250 level, but were unsuccessful, and bullish momentum waned. As mood shifted, the price returned lower and consolidated around 19,500 by the week’s end. We’re trading in tight daily ranges against a risky environment, which bodes well for the asset. Bitcoin gained 2.02%.

ETH Price Recap
Ether had a good start to the week, continuing its range-bound behavior. Price rebounded from lows near 1,260 and gained as much as 9.6% by Wednesday’s close, reaching previous resistance at 1,375. However, bears firmly refused action at this level, establishing its relevance as long-term resistance. Following late-week selling, Ethereum consolidated around the 1,350 mark, closing above 1,300 with +3.65%.

FTM Price Recap
Following significant selling pressure the previous week, Fantom opened the week at $0.217 and was able to gain more ground, reaching 0.229. The week ended with FTM at 0.222. During the week, the Fantom price fluctuated but managed to gain 2%.

BNB Price Recap
BNB, like the majority of currencies, had a fantastic start to the week, with a price spike to $298, despite opening the week at $284. BNB was unable to hold the price owing to hack on Binance blockchain, and sank to $275 but was able to close at $278. At the end of the week BNB lost 2.25%.

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